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Matt officially joined Double R Racing in July and has fitted in well taking very little time to settle in to the role and is number 2 mechanic on one of the cars full time now by the looks of it and is looking promising for a No1 for next year.

Double R Racing have also recently invested in a fantastic F3 simulator and Matt has spent many an hour learning the car, tracks etc.

He even matched a former F3 championship winner on one track, much to the amazement on the assembled crew!! (a deadly hush befell the room as he stepped out of the sim).

Well done Matt, just need to get you in a real one now!







F3 calendar (2011)

Sept  3-4   Rockingham                                        

Sept 24-25 Donington Park

Oct 8-9  Silverstone                                                                        

Plenty of testing between


Fixture list for 2011

TBA but looking at Shenny for the rest of the year